OPTIMA Box - Download Page

OPTIMA EE - This software will be helpfull if you own a SAGEM MSO-1300 Enroller, and/or the EDEN encoder. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. You will be able to enroll people and encod their badges from your computer.

SFX2OPTIMA - Use "SFX2OPTIMA" if you need to migrate a SenatorFX.NET database (Microsoft SQL Server) to a OPTIMA Box database (Oracle MySQL).

OPTIMA Detect - Find your OPTIMA Box on the Network and set its address IP, subnet mask, gateway, ...

CONFIG-IP - Find your LDMV2 controllers on the network, and set its address IP, subnet, mask, ...

WARNING update version 3.4.2

Warning : from version 3.4.1, the Intrusion and Supervision modules evolve !

OPTIMA Box includes now the ONE Face module to manage the facial recognition readers, the OPTIMA 360 module, its new supervisor, and some RISCO alarm units in the Intrusion module.

Those evolutions generate significant modifications when the software is updated from a version lower or equal to V.3.3.6 :

  • removal of all existing synoptic plans of Supervision,
  • automations that involve the intrusion functionality have to be reconfigure.
Cliquez ici pour consulter le guide de migration des automatismes

Moving on to a higher version involves having to reconfigure your supervision synoptic plans and/or automations related to alarm units.