OPTIMA Box - Release notes

4.13.0 (12/11/2023)

  • Improvement: OPTIMA Box performance optimizations
  • Improvement: configuration of facial readers
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.12.1 (09/11/2023)

  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.12.0 (07/31/2023)

  • Implementation: multiple update readers management for ONE PASS
  • Implementation: update version management in OPTIMA
  • Implementation: filter by registration number in the user's list in OPTIMA
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.11.0 (04/26/2023) / 4.11.1 (06/05/2023)

  • Implementation: Standard Offline Protocol (OSS-SO)
  • Implementation: new ONE Pass module
  • Implementation: automation of HTTP requests through a custom job
  • Implementation: modification of a user's badge number
  • Implementation: retrieval of a user's photo through API
  • Implementation: ability to turn the Box on/off via the maintenance interface
  • Improvement: automatic configuration of DAHUA facial recognition readers
  • Improvement: addition of sorting of zone occupants by arrival order
  • Improvement: email field added for Fast data recovery
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.10.0 (12/14/2022)

  • Implementation: integration of the SOWIT DESFire Bluetooth reader
  • Implementation: temporary blocking the readers of an area
  • Improvement: acknowledgment of an intrusion group by automation
  • Improvement: deactivation of the sounds by event
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.9.0 (09/28/2022)

  • Implementation: display of a custom notification by API
  • Improvement: export of zone occupancy
  • Improvement: STid Mobile ID VCard management
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.8.0 (07/25/2022)

  • Implementation: new module ONE Sync
  • Implementation: new module ONE Bio
  • Implementation: synchronization of owners with an Active Directory
  • Implementation: two-factor authentification with email
  • Implementation: single sign-on with Azure AD account
  • Implementation: sending the QR code with the ID of the badge by email
  • Minor improvements on installation management
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.7.0 (05/04/2022)

  • Integration of Hanwha video recorders
  • Integration of Dahua LPR readers
  • Improvement of quick addition of users
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.6.0 (03/28/2022)

  • Integration of LightSYS Plus and Galaxy Flex intrusion units
  • Integration of Synology and VxCore video recorders
  • Implementation: management of user codes on RISCO intrusion units
  • Implementation: association of an intrusion input to a camera
  • Implementation: quick addition of users
  • Improvements on access management and control
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.5.1 (02/07/2022)

  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions and OPTIMA EE

4.5.0 (12/06/2021)

  • Implementation: module for managing STid virtual badge (ONE Blue)
  • Implementation: consultation of access rights by reader and by user
  • Implementation: consultation of the presence times in the zones
  • Improvement: equipment operation by API
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.4.0 (10/06/2021)

  • Improvement: access control management with API
  • Implementation: consultation of camera recordings (ONE View)
  • Implementation: export of photos taken by camera (ONE View)
  • Improvement: remote access management (ONE Time)
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.3.1 (08/04/2021)

  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions.

4.3.0 (07/21/2021)

  • Integration of the HTTPS protocol
  • Implementation: generation of a QR code with the badge identifier
  • Implementation: timing of the actions of a software automation
  • Implementation: storage indicators for biometric identifiers
  • Implementation: layer for the enrollment of a facial template
  • Improvement: badges/owners management
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.2.1 (05/10/2021)

  • Implementation: generation of random identifier and keypad code
  • Improvement: add users features
  • Improvement: badges batch deletion features
  • Improvement: areas export features in PDF
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.2.0 (04/07/2021)

  • Implémentation: addition of Configuration report and Event history
  • Implémentation: addition of an option to deactivate sound management
  • Improvement: addition of several managers to a group of employees (ONE Time)
  • Improvement: addition of storage indicators in the Downloads menu
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.1.0 (09/03/2021)

  • New version of ONE Time (Flash free)
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.0.3 (01/20/2021)

  • Implementation: edition of installation code
  • Implementation: setting of the number of events displayed when opening the list of events
  • Implementation: addition of optional fields in the list of users
  • Implementation: export of the number of users present per zone
  • Implementation: addition of the access group in the export of the list of present in the zones
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.0.2 (12/21/2020)

  • Improvements in user management and site configuration
  • Implementation: configuration of readers with a DNS address
  • Implementation: fast recovery data
  • Implementation: XML settings
  • Implementation: list of absences
  • Implementation: export of users present in the zones
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.0.1 (12/03/2020)

  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

4.0.0 (11/24/2020)

  • Evolution of several features
  • Reshaping of the user interface (without Adobe Flash)
  • Modification of the overall ergonomy
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

3.4.4 (08/04/2020)

  • ONE Lock: new wake up feature on the access readers (optional)
  • Implementation: management of facial template enrollments with OPTIMA Mobile
  • Bugs fixes on OPTIMA Box solutions

3.4.3 (07/07/2020)

  • ONE Check: new module for adding third-party control modes to access readers
  • Integration: Vanderbilt intrusion unit in the ONE Safe module
  • Integration: standalone HIK DS-2TD1217B-3 / PA thermal camera
  • Integration: DAHUA DHI-ASI7213X-T1 facial recognition thermal tablet
  • Implementation: management of facial template enrollments with API V3
  • Improvement: minor UI optimizations on OPTIMA 360 and ONE Face
  • Bugs fix on OPTIMA Box solutions

3.4.2 (05/07/2020)

  • Implementation: Addition of the ONE Face module
  • Implementation: Addition of a condition for the change of alert level
  • Implementation: Addition of an action on the badge associated with the event
  • Implementation: Add action by group to change the badges of the selected group
  • Correction: Time&Attendance module in OPTIMA Mobile
  • Correction: Other authentication managed for license plate management cameras
  • Correction: Path to export file
  • Correction: Stabilization of rights management in the OPTIMA mobile application
  • Correction: Reset of the attendance time by group or by badge after the badges cycle reset

3.4.1 (02/13/2020)

  • Implémentation: OPTIMA 360 (previously Supervision module)
  • Implémentation: ONE Safe (previously Intrusion module)
  • Implémentation: RISCO intrusion alarm devices added
  • Implémentation: Intrusion module improved
  • Correction: Language support for SOWIT reader
  • Correction: Stabilization of OPTIMA Time
  • Correction: Stabilization of reader types during the creation of LIGUARDS control units
  • Correction: Stabilization of rights management in the OPTIMA mobile application
  • Correction: Deactivation of the "Tablet setting" tab in OPTIMA Time

3.3.6 (12/16/2019)

  • Improvement: API wording.
  • Correction: Login-logout don't appear on the screen when automatisms are running
  • Correction: Unable to save database in case of incorrect event date
  • Correction: Refresh problem of the List in Advanced settings
  • Correction: The "Badge company" column is empty in the badge list display
  • Correction: Display of the group name in the badge file

3.3.5 (12/05/2019)

  • Implementation: Fingerprints enrolment by API
  • Implementation: Accompanist management by API
  • Improvement: Validity dates and remaining passages of badges are traced in history of modifications
  • Improvement: DNS management for video recorders
  • Improvement: Group additional readers according to access groups
  • Correction: English translation for the type of readers
  • Correction: Incorrect maximum time in local automation
  • Correction: The choice of fingerprint reader is not taken into account in the badge file
  • Correction: Taking into account the modification of license plates in API

3.3.4 (10/02/2019)

  • Implementation : Optima Mobile - add OptimaBox shutdown feature
  • Improvement: OneVision - H265 compatible video stream encoding
  • Improvement: List of absences - all badges option added
  • Correction: Cycle reset of badges changed the "pass badge" option
  • Correction: SfxToOptima - migration from SFX.NET database
  • Correction: Remote controllers connection using DNS
  • Correction: Page number incorrect in the list of badges
  • Correction: Enrollment on 32bits badges
  • Correction: Error message when deleting a reader
  • Correction: CSV exports of additionnal information
  • Correction: RATM - inconstitent login-logout

3.3.3 (04/07/2019)

  • Implementation: Check in/out feature added to the RATM application
  • Correction: Fast data importation is not taken into account by the controller without initialization

3.3.2 (05/29/2019)

  • Improvement: Query on the list of events by API
  • Improvement: Setting up and changing the employee group in Time management
  • Implementation: Hexadecimal conversion of badge number on OptimaBOX system
  • Implementation: licence plate in XML importation
  • Correction: wrong time following the country configuration in Optima Time
  • Correction: Translation on the RATM application
  • Correction: Translation on the ACCESS application
  • Correction: Translation on the TIME application
  • Correction: Showing the identification number in the Time management exports
  • Correction: OPTIMA ID upgrade, following the sensor problem

3.3.1 (03/27/2019)

  • Correction: User creation impossible after 3.3.0 update.
  • Correction: Problem with the event collection on the units using BUS (module C485FX).
  • Improvement: Preservation of the materials update files after the box resetting.

3.3.0 (03/25/2019)

  • Implementation: Integration of SOWIT T&A, as a Time management reader
  • Implementation: Remote Access Time Management dedicated to users.
  • Improvement: Update of the OPTIMA Time application.
  • Improvement: Paging display of the badges list.

3.2.0 (02/28/2019)

  • Implementation: Integration of Survision and HIK license plate readers.
  • Correction: Initialization of Liguard 6.

3.1.3 (01/16/2019)

  • Improvement: Adding the registration number in Time Management exports
  • Correction: Management of accented characters on SOWIT display.
  • Correction: Wrong time in Optima Mobile event list.
  • Correction: Loss of IP Default network configuration address.
  • Correction: Double fingerprint for BioVein in RS485 reader mode after enrollment.
  • Correction: Limiting the number of output groups for OUTFX.
  • Correction: OptimaBOX Memory Saturation.
  • Correction: BioVein readers do not take into account the alert level when using the RS485 bus-reader connection.
  • Correction: Display issue if name and first name are empt.

3.1.2 (12/03/2018)

  • Correction: Problem of adding links to cameras in the Supervision screen.
  • Correction: Problems displaying the menu Characteristics of the Biovein reader.
  • Correction: Problem of event automation on the readers 5 and 6 of the Liguard 6 controller.

3.1.1 (11/05/2018)

  • Correction: OPTIMA Access - Badges not associated with groups are now accepted.
  • Correction: Interfaces are displayed correctly for all tablet sizes.
  • Correction: OPTIMA Box - When resetting the box, translations are now based on the browser language.
  • Correction: OPTIMA Box -Changing the web port in Preferences is done correctly.
  • Correction: OPTIMA Time - Verification of the state of archiving.
  • Correction: Migration SFX.net to OPTIMA Box - identification is possible after migration.
  • Correction: OPTIMA Box - The rights for the control of readers in the Supervision are working properly

3.1.0 (10/09/2018)

  • Implementation: New version of OPTIMA ACCESS : improved security, selection of several readers and more information on the display for accepted users.
  • Implementation: New reader Wiegand26 OZ.
  • Improvement: Additional settings for the SOWIT reader.
  • Improvement: Third party system defined as type.

3.0.2 (09/26/2018)

  • Correction: OptimaTime is available.
  • Correction: OptimaMobile is available for Time Management.

3.0.1 (09/20/2018)

  • Correction: no more reboot if exception error using remote FTP server.
  • Correction: Logs created when editing the event configuration in the "Change History" menu
  • Correction: Portuguese interface is available

3.0.0 (09/17/2018)

  • Implementation: Securing the application via a strong password (Encryption).
  • Implementation: New welcome screen.
  • Implementation: New screens to manage users.
  • Implementation: Password Management (Complexity Requirements).
  • Implementation: Password recovery procedure.
  • Implementation: Management of third party system users.
  • Implementation: API v1 (Management of badges, Events, Control of readers).
  • Improvement: Restarting Service After Updating or Restoring the BOX.
  • Improvement: User Rights Management in OPTIMA Mobile.
  • Correction: Double fingerprint issue on new installation.
  • Correction: Logs created when editing the event configuration in the "Change History" menu.

2.10.0 (06/20/2018)

  • Implementation: SOWIT reader added.
  • Implementation: Encrypted backup file.
  • Improvement: OUTFX outputs are in alphabetical order in Centralized automatisms.
  • Improvement: OPTIMATime : The anomaly corresponding to a clocking during a day of absence is represented in red in the extraction of the PDF report.
  • Correction: Syntax error in english.
  • Correction: OPTIMATime : people are not present in Current state,Delay status, early departure status tabs.
  • Correction: Condition based on the counteurs in local automatism is fixed.
  • Correction: The list of badges is displayed even when there is an access group problem on a badge.
  • Correction: Badge editing from other companies is not yet possible in the list of events.
  • Correction: Validity dates taken into account in the badge importa via XML.
  • Correction: Instructions in local automatism are available.

2.9.0 (04/26/2018)

  • Implementation: Flexible hours management in OptimaTime.
  • Implementation: Optima mobile update for badge editing badges.
  • Implementation: The new version of Optima Detect allows to change the web port and the communication port.
  • Improvement: Improved display performance of Galaxy event and event listings.
  • Improvement: Display order of selectable badges in Advanced history queries.
  • Improvement: 1000 events are now displayed in the event listing.
  • Correction: Display of the priority level in the Galaxy inputs setup menu.
  • Correction: The BioVein in controller mode allows the management of the Hosted mode.
  • Correction: The display of Delay status and Early departures status are filtered according to the manager.
  • Correction: Default pulse opening command for cylinder type reader.
  • Correction: Event list display issue in OptimaMobile.
  • Correction: csv export issue in the Advanced history.

2.8.2 (03/27/2018)

  • Correction: Backup problem on FTP server.
  • Correction: Display of the Characteristics tab for reader SOLO PLUS.

2.8.1 (03/08/2018)

  • Implementation: Italian translation of Optima Mobile
  • Implementation: The minimum break time is deducted if the working time added to the break time is greater than the theoretical working time
  • Improvement: Order of the fingers has been changed for the enrollment step in Optima Mobile
  • Correction: Updating logs no longer generate duplicate logs
  • Correction: It is now possible to refuse absences

2.8.0 (03/02/2018)

  • Implementation: Auto-backup is enabled by default
  • Implementation: Management of late arrivals and early departures
  • Implementation: Addition of absence « Business travels » added, which implements the corresponding time
  • Implementation: Addition of « Today’s delays » and « Anticipated leaving » into Optima Mobile
  • Improvement: Addition of Netherlands language in OptimaMobile
  • Improvement: Better efficiency of OptimaTime
  • Correction: Logs from the out of time absences are not longer included into the Report output menu
  • Correction: The correct month number is displayed in generated PDF files
  • Correction: Photos in the badge file now work whatever the web port
  • Correction: The deletion of the default gateway still allows to detect the Optimabox IP address

2.7.1 (10/01/2018)

  • Implementation: Text font is availablle in the Badge printing templates
  • Implementation: Automatic display of badge file in the learning badge feature
  • Implementation: The SOLO PLUS reader becomes compatible with EDEN SOLO 3000 readers and EasyTouch 3000 readers
  • Implementation: Hourglass indicates that restauration or backup is running
  • Correction: Add hours for the time of validity into the badge file
  • Correction: The events purge feature works for huge installations
  • Correction: Some translations added for Intrusion screens, OptimaMobile, U&Z devices
  • Correction: Learning badges is now available when list of events screen is open
  • Correction: It's now possible to update readers associated with LDMV2 controllers
  • Correction: The group is displayed when a group is created with a company that is not the default one
  • Correction: Badge files errors are fixed when Additional profiles are updated

2.7.0 (06/11/2017)

  • Correction: [Optima Mobile V1] Can not log in from an IPhone.
  • Correction: Some FR and EN translations corrected.
  • Correction: Problem of additional readers with Liguard 6.
  • Correction: Issue on the query execution in advanced history that does not take into account the additional fields in the result.
  • Implémentation : Implementation of version 2 of the OptimaMobile application including Access and Time management.

2.6.0 (2017-07-03)

  • Implementation : New video management module "ONE Vision". Branded recorders HIK and Dahua are supported by this module.
  • Implementation : Add a button to restart the service, in the technical menu.
  • Improvement: When selecting condition "events link to group" into centralised automatism, the drop-down list for group selection did not appear.
  • Improvement: There were some problems in configuring users rights.
  • Improvement: Some texts were illegible when editing (white text on white background in the tables).
  • Improvement: Update of some texts in German.
  • Improvement: some texts were not translate.
  • Improvement: If the web port used was different from the default port, the supervisory maps would not be displayed.
  • Improvement: There was a problem with viewing photos in the supervision.
  • Improvement: In the advanced history, the badge information fields were "null".
  • Improvement: On some installations, the "Hardware update" menu did not appear.
  • Improvement: It was possible to create input / output cards without specifying the labels / companies.
  • Improvement: Added "disable auto-initialization central units" option into preferences. This feature fulfills the same role as setting up "patchNoInit", but its activation is easier.
  • Implementation : Management of XML files, for the addition, the modification, or the removal of badges.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] Occasionally, anomalies were duplicated.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] In the curent state, the option "Ignore badges non affected to a group of employees" was not taken into account.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] During the consultation, when exporting to CSV format, some columns were ignored.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] The software did not handle the case where an absence request had not been processed by the manager.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] In report output, half a day of absence could appear in duplicate, some unworked days appeared with 0 hours worked, and there was a problem calculating days off.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] It was not possible to create a second half day absence on a day when only half a day of absence had been recorded.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] : It is now possible to remove anomalies by series.
  • Improvement: [OPTIMA Mobile] Occasionally, the list of enrollment readers does not offer readers.
  • Improvement: [OPTIMA Mobile] Sometimes the application freezes at startup.

2.5.0 (2017-02-28)

  • Correction : "extension bus connection" events and "extension bus disconnection" events did not appear for the input cards.
  • Correction : After chanel management activation on Wiegand readers, this function was not activated during the change of the type of reader.
  • Correction : Time slot or input card removal linked to an automatism prevented sending orders to controllers for automatism subsenquently added or modified.
  • Correction : When "user to enrol" fonction was used, the fingerprint was well saved but did not display into the badge file.
  • Correction : Start and end Channels index were not saved for the custom Wiegand reader.
  • Correction : Centralised automatisms did not run on week-end and holidays.
  • Implementation : It is now possible to update extension cards and biometric readers linked with RS485.
  • Implementation : Add "automatic wiegand" reader type, as now default type.
  • Implementation : Add fonction "Absence list" available through the "Preferences" menu. This function includes ability to filter inactives badges.
  • Improvement: Better display of photos. Better image quality when capturing with a webcam.
  • Correction : There was a problem with pulldown list of output groups, into access groups. Activation duration of these groups was also not saved with default value.
  • Correction : When sorting the list of badges by number, the sort order was alphabetic.
  • Improvement: In some cases, there were problems with double fingerprint management.
  • Improvement: Better management of the display of the status of controllers.
  • Correction : There was a minor display bug at the start of some forms; these ones appeared very briefly before displaying the loading animation.
  • Improvement: ONE Galaxy option is now included into OPTIMA Box and no longer requires online activation, but simply tick a box into the "Preferences" menu.
  • Improvement: ONE Time option is not enabled by default. This change is transparent for the installations already using Management Time. For new installations, this feature will require an online activation.
  • Implementation : 6 readers controller integration "LIGUARD 6".
  • Correction : In some cases, automatic backup was not taken into account.
  • Correction : Number of people present was only managed for their stantard profile into the access groups.
  • Correction : I was possible to exceed the limit of 10 input groups by contoller, Which caused memory problems.
  • Correction : There were sometimes communication problems with J-Series or Sigma readers.
  • Implementation : It is now possible to create printing model of badges. This feature is in "Advanced settings" menu.
  • Correction : Since release 2.4.0, the reader modification could fail. Error message "Error #1010" popped up.
  • Correction : Output relay cards sometimes displayed in duplicate into automatisms.
  • Correction : Output relay cards were absent into centralised automatisms.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] Add logo, installation name and creation date into the reports.
  • Correction : [Time Management] The starting date of absence period including a half day shifted in time.
  • Improvement: [Time Management] Add print and export of current state.
  • Correction : [Time Management] When generating a report output for a specific group, a report output was given for all employees.
  • Implementation : [OPTIMA Tools] Add application "JSeries IP Configuration".

2.4.1 (2016-12-09)

  • Correction : [Time Management] Following the release 2.4.0, it was impossible to fix "no score" anomalies by the addition of an absence.

2.4.0 (2016-12-02)

  • Implementation : It is now possible to duplicate a badge file.
  • Correction : [Time Management] : It was possible to add absences for a time spent. It was problematic when "no log" anomalies have been generated for that period, because it was impossible to rectify them after.
  • Implementation : Biovein controller integration.
  • Implementation : Access-IT Unit 2 et Access-IT Unit controllers integration.
  • Implementation : SOLO Plus et SOLO Supra readers integration.
  • Implementation : It is now possible to update controllers, biometric readers, and extension cards via the software.
  • Improvement: Some translations were missing.
  • Improvement: [SFX2Optima] A problem occured at the end of migration, "compression.dll" file was not found.

2.3.1 (2016-10-14)

  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] Add of logo into the report output.
  • Correction : [TimeManagement] When printing a table, data outside the screen were incomplete in the generated pdf.
  • Correction : [TimeManagement] Fix calcul errors and day of absence display into the report output.
  • Correction : Since release 2.3.0, there was a coding problem with special characters.

2.3.0 (2016-09-15)

  • Improvement: Server stability enhancement.
  • Improvement: The default display colour of access control events have been updated.
  • Improvement: Access groups are now displayed in the alphabetic order.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] When connected as a manager, the software display only the employees and information managed by the logged user.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] An icon is displayed to show that a clocking has been altered or added.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] You can now choose the first day of the week.
  • Improvement: [OPTIMA EE] Software errors are now recorded in C:\ProgramData\Eden Innovations\Optima EE\Logs.
  • Correction : Bug correction in the badge menu.
  • Correction : Bug correction in fast data download.
  • Correction : Advanced history runs now in Internet Explorer.
  • Correction : Bug correction in the selected readers of access groups.
  • Correction : On the login page, the drop-down list was sometimes empty.
  • Correction : [TimeManagement] Correction of display bug when asking for an absence or an appointment.
  • Correction : [OPTIMA EE] Permissions are now managed.
  • Correction : [OPTIMA Mobile] You can now enrol a second print.
  • Correction : [TimeManagement] The working time calculation error if an employee clocks a work-free day or a day before/after a work-free day is fixed.
  • Correction : After a software log-out, it was sometimes impossible to log in again because of "Server connection error".
  • Correction : [OPTIMA Mobile] The mobile app didn't work any more after changing the web port.
  • Implementation : LIGUARD 2 and LIGUARD 4 control units and SOLO V2 readers have been implemented.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] If a "minimum break" is set, if the breaks taken are lower than the "minimum break" the minimum is deduced instead of the real breaks taken.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] The monthly total has been added on report output at the end of the crossed board.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] A new anomaly has been added 'unexpected log(s)' when an employee clocks a day he is supposed to be off.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] The delta has been added on report output.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] You can now display our own logo on the report outputs.
  • Implementation : [TimeManagement] Half-day holidays management.
  • Implementation : [OPTIMA EE] You can now add badges
  • Implementation : [OPTIMA EE] You can now learn badges with the encoder.

2.2.1 (2016-06-10)

  • Correction: Since update 2.2.0, time slots were not displayed.
  • Implementation: A new tool has been added, named "Recovery". It is only available if there is no name in the drop-down list on the login page after a backup restoring failure. Type "http://{box_IP_address}/SFXBox/Recovery.html" in the web browser to restore the backup.
  • Improvement: [SFXEE] A new "Refresh" button has been added. It lets you reload the list badge without restarting SFXEE.
  • Improvement: [SFXEE] The start-up time has been reduced.
  • Correction : [SFX2Box] Since SenatorFX.NET update, some new database fields were not taken into account in SFXBox and the backup generated with SFX2Box was corrupt.

2.2.0 (2016-05-12)

  • Improvement: [sfxmobile] You can now delete or print or a badge file.
  • Improvement: [sfxtime] 'Consultation' has been replaced by 'Log in'.
  • Improvement: [sfxtime] When validating an absence or appointment request, the url is no longer displayed.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] You can now choose the priority bteween 'detailed consultation' and 'logs'.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] You can now add your own logo on the tablet instead of the EDEN logo.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] You can now set how long the info of your personal account is displayed.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] The delta -difference between theoretical working time and the hours worked- is now written on the reports.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] When selecting a period of time, when you select a start date the end date is automatically set on the start date.
  • Improvement: [TimeManagement] When creating a new absence reason, 'count' has been replaced by 'count as wrking time'.
  • Improvement: In the list of events, seconds have been added in the 'date' column.
  • Improvement: When configuring the auto backup, you can now set a maximum number of backups to be recorded on the box -from 1 to 20.
  • Improvement: When opening the user guide, you are now redirected to the guide in the same language as the web browser. If the user guide is not available in your language, it will be in English.
  • Improvement: When printing the zone occupancy, the number of people in each zone is now displayed.
  • Improvement: There is now an alert when an update is available.
  • Correction: [TimeManagement] The search filter was not updated if you changed the display filter.
  • Correction: [TimeManagement] When creating a new employee group, the worked days selected by default were different from the ones selected in the general configuration.
  • Correction: [TimeManagement] The predefined absence reasons were not translated on the report outputs.
  • Correction: [TimeManagement] When correcting a 'no log' anomaly it was possible to select a date in the future for the end date. You could think that you created an absence but it was not the case; the anomaly was corrected until the current date and the days after were ignored. Therefore, now you can not select a date later than the current date.
  • Correction: [TimeManagement] A clocking between midnight and the reset time was not archived. This would lead to errors when calculating the working time and editing reports.
  • Correction: Sending an email will not work if the box "attachement" was ticked.
  • Correction: Anti-timeback has been renamed "APB reset".
  • Correction: If the password is incorrect, the error message is now clear.
  • Correction: When migrating a database from .NET to SFXBox, some badges could be refused because of 'maximum number of passages reached'.
  • Implementation: [TimeManagement] A new tool has been added in the 'Report output' menu. The ‘Current state’ tab displays for each employee When the employee clocked in in the morning and When the employee clocked out for the last time.
  • Implementation: You can now add links to be displayed in the 'Help' section.
  • Implementation: A new tool has been added to display the number of users and fingerprints.
  • Implementation: The sounds in Spanish have been added.
  • Implementation: Intrusion management for Honeywell Galaxy Dimension/Flex alarm control panels.

2.1.0 (2016-03-03)

  • Improvement: Software administration > User profiles : you can now tick/untick all the elements.
  • Correction: The elements in "Software administration" have been renamed following the updates made since version 2.0.0.
  • Correction: The wallpaper was removed in version 2.0.0. It is now available again.
  • Improvement: The backup file is now named with the "installation name" followed by the date.
  • Improvement: The menu "Contact us" has been added.
  • Correction: Software administration > Download : the folders 'Exports' and 'Backups' are now translated.
  • Improvement: You can now modify the web port (80 by default).
  • Correction: Time Managment > Report output: the issue when several employees are selected and when dates "From" and "To" are the same has been fixed.
  • Improvement: Time Management > Consultation: it was difficult to distinguish the icons when the 'time contract' was fulfilled or not. The icons have been changed.
  • Improvement: Time Management > Employee groups: a column "Manager" has been added.
  • Correction: Time Management > Consultation: the button to add a log is now disabled if there is an anomaly which needs to be fixed.
  • Improvement: Time Management > The user guide has been added.
  • Correction: SFXEE: if a badge had a single print, deleting this print will redirect you to the begining of the badge list.
  • Correction: SFXEE: When enrolling a print from SFXEE, sometimes the print was displayed in SFXBox but not in SFXEE.
  • Improvement: SFXDEtect: The boxes are now identified thanks to their MAC address (hard disk s/n in previous versions).
  • Improvement: SFXDEtect: A column "Web port" has been added.
  • Improvement: SFXMobile > Control of readers: if a controller is not connected you can not control its readers.
  • Improvement: SFXMobile > The 'zone occupancy' has been added.
  • Improvement: SFXMobile > You can now add a picture to a badge file by selecting a picture in the mobile device or by taking a picture with the mobile device.

2.0.0 (2016-01-28)

  • Correction: There were several issues regarding customized lists, speed and filter by company among others.
  • Correction: In the centralized automatisms, when the action was on an output, if another controller was selected, all the outputs of the controller will disappear.
  • Correction: In the mobile application, in a badge file, it was possible to set a start validity date later than the end validity date.
  • Improvement: Report outputs in PDF format are more condensed.
  • Correction: It was not possible to copy to the Windows clipboard the list of badges to paste it in an Excel file.
  • Correction: After an inappropriate shut-down, the box could restart and the graphical interface could be accessible but no login would appear in the drop-down list.
  • Correction: Depending on the box network interface name, it was sometimes impossible to access the box network parameters to set them.
  • Correction: When a badge file was removed, the associated picture was not removed.
  • Correction: When 2 biometric enrollers were declared, and one of them had the box 'Possibility of choosing the enrolment reader' unticked, it was not possible to select the type of technology -vein or print- in the badge file.
  • Correction: It was possible to modify a badge file even if you were not allowed to do it.
  • Improvement: The menus have been reorganized to be easily understood.
  • Improvement: In 'Report output', when exporting in CSV format, you can generate Excel pivot tables (name/date).
  • Improvement: In 'Report output', when exporting in PDF format, you can now have detailed clocking and absences for each employee.
  • Implementation: You can now send backups to an FTP server.
  • Improvement: You can now filter by employee groups in 'Time Management' > 'Consultation'.
  • Improvement: The breaks taken have been added in Time Management calculations.
  • Improvement: Mobile applications have been redesigned and optimized.
  • Improvement: The software is easier to use thanks to tab browsing.
  • Improvement: The graphical interface has been totally redesigned.
  • Improvement: Better Time Management performances thanks to real-time archiving.
  • Implementation: U&Z Electronic Locking Systems have been implemented.

1.4.1 (2015-09-10)

  • Improvement: When you wish to export datas, it is now possible to choose the data separator.
  • Correction: When adding an absence, in some cases, the OK button remained disabled.

1.4.0 (2015-09-07)

  • Correction: When the box "do not test transit time" was ticked on an access group, the transit time was tested.
  • Correction: Extensions --> Event configuration:
    • Sometimes the purge did not work.
    • The function "display in the event list" did not work.
    • The function "display an instruction" did not work.
    • There was an issue with the multi-company management.
  • Correction: In the badges list, the number of passages remaining was not displayed.
  • Improvement: The event list has been optimized for faster display.
  • Correction: Typing errors have been corrected and texts have been updated.
  • Correction: The number of remaining passages was not displayed in the Configuration report and in the List of badges.
  • Improvement: Some sounds have been updated.
  • Improvement: [SFXTimeManagement] In "Absence management", you can now add a new absence to several employees.
  • Implementation: [SFXTimeManagement] New menu "Report output".
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] In "Absence management", some upcoming absences were not displayed in the "Absences" tab.
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] When a new employee was added, he had anomalies for the dates prior to the date he was added.
  • Improvement: [SFXTimeManagement] Working time calculations have been optmized.
  • Improvement: [SFXTimeManagement] Consultation:
    • A new filter "identification number non-empty" has been added.
    • The column "Overtime" is now "Delta" and displays overtime as well as undertime hours.
  • Correction: [SFXBoxMobile] Minor bugs have been corrected and texts updated.

1.3.0 (2015-07-09)

  • Improvement: optimized design for some components and information message additions.
  • Improvement: performance enhancement.
  • Correction: Event list: bug corrections and improved component.
  • Correction: when a badge file was opened from the event list an error message appeared when validating the badge file.
  • Correction: it was not possible to print the occupancy report.
  • Correction: System setup overview & Supervision: bug corrections and improved components.
  • Correction: Bug corrections in "Advanced history".
  • Correction: Configuration report: bug corrections and improved component.
  • Correction: when validating holidays in "Time slots" sometimes the software user could be logged out.
  • Correction: sometimes sounds had disappeared.
  • Correction: in detailed mode, some time slots were not taken into account.
  • Correction: the function "accompanied by" was not operational.
  • Correction: bug correction in badge grouped processing.
  • Correction: Badges: bug corrections and improved component.
  • Correction: if an export file was attached to an email, the email was not sent.
  • Correction: Extensions > Export: bug correction and improved component.
  • Improvement: Extensions > Download has been redesigned
  • Correction: locating a badge with badge personalisation field didn't work.
  • Correction: filter by company in "site configuration", "controlled zones", "control of readers".
  • Improvement: if the controller is too often disconnected, a loss of synchronization may occur leading to the initialization of the controller. It is now possible to avoid the automatic initialization of the controller.
    • To activate "Patch No Init": enter the following data in the address bar of the web browser: http://{box_IP_address}/PatchNoInit.php?action=ON
    • To desactivate "Patch No Init": http://{ box_IP_address }/PatchNoInit.php?action=OFF
    • Note: it is not recommended to activate this option if there is no communication issue.
    • If this option is activated, the software user can launch the initialization of the controller.
  • Correction: Sometimes global counters were displayed several times.
  • Correction: Access groups: bug corrections and improved component.
  • Improvement: the time can now be set through a connection to an NTP server (essential for Raspberry Pi).
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] Anomalies: after a missing log justification, if a filter was applied to the anomalies this filter was cancelled.
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] Sometimes the software user was disconnected when opening Time management.
  • Improvement: [SFXTimeManagement] Date formats have been standardized YYYY-MM-DD
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] History: the filter didn't operate properly in all cases.
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] Consultation: bug corrections and improved component.
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] There was an issue in overtime calculation.
  • Improvement: [SFXTimeManagement] Default working week time can now be set with hours and minutes (only round hours previously).
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] Validating several paid leave requests at the same time induced the user logout.
  • Correction: [SFXTimeManagement] The customized screen background image was not saved.
  • Improvement: [SFXTime] Improvement in the app performance.

1.2.0 (2015-03-30)

  • Correction: it was impossible to create an automatism with a counter other than the first created.
  • Correction: [SFXEE] It was possible to enrol a second print with a SOLO reader. The consequence was the removal of the first print as the SOLO can store only 1 print per user.
  • Correction: [SFXEE] Sometimes the badge list will disappear.
  • Improvement: [SFXEE] communication port can now be modified
  • Improvement: controllers communication can now be displayed from "status of central units".
  • Correction: [SFXEE] Sometimes an encoded badge will be seen as "unknown user".
  • Correction: the entry "vehicle detection" has been renamed to "conditional input".
  • Correction: [SFXDetect] After connecting a box to a network, if other boxes were already connected, sometimes they may disappear.
  • Improvement: [SFXDetect] optimized - bug correction.
  • Improvement: the box can now be started / stopped from Technical menu.
  • Correction: since 1.1.1 version, an error message could appear when validating a badge file saying the registration number was already used even if it was not the case.

1.1.1 (2015-01-19)

  • Improvement: you can now get logged by pressing "enter".
  • Improvement: maps are displayed in full size.
  • Correction: after downloading a list of badges with "fast data download", their "code" was set to "0" by default.
  • Correction: when setting a password for the controller, the password was displayed in full text while typing it.
  • Correction: if the list of badges was too big, it took time to display it and sometimes it was not displayed at all.
  • Improvement: deleting a series of badges could take time if the series was too big.
  • Correction: while downloading data with "fast data download" you can now only use numbers to set the field "badge number".
  • Implementation: mobile version of SFXBox application.
  • Correction: some translations were missing or incorrect.
  • Correction: in the Dutch version only, "Centralised automatisms" would not open.
  • Implementation: overtime hours ; absence management ; requests for absence or appointment are displayed in Time Management for the manager.
  • Improvement: the size of the components is optimized.
  • Correction: after deleting a reader in "Site configuration", you were not allowed to add a new reader on the same controller.
  • Correction: in Time Management, anomalies were displayed twice.
  • Correction: in Time Management, if a log with anomalies was modified, it was not possible to edit the anomaly of the next log.
  • Correction: in Time Management, when an employee had logged only once in a day sometimes no anomaly was recorded.
  • Correction: in the mobile version of SFX-Time, hours worked and remaining hours were miscalculated.
  • Correction: in the mobile version of SFX-Time, photos were sometimes swapped between several users.
  • Correction: in Time Management, the anomaly "incoherent log" was sometimes displayed without any reason.
  • Correction: in Time Management, the calculation between two real logs and the calculation between two logs created by adding a log were slightly different.
  • Correction: it was possible to add logs even if the employee was supposed to be absent.
  • Correction: in the mobile version of SFX-Time, if "Consultation" was pressed but no one was identified, further consultations were unavailable.
  • Correction: in the mobile version of SFX-Time, depending on the web browser, translations were missing.

1.1.0 (2015-01-19)

  • This version is strictly identical to version 1.1.1. They were released at the same time. Indeed, you must update to 1.1.0 then 1.1.1 in a row to get the mobile version of SFXBox.

1.0.0 (2014-07-23)

  • Implementation of a web version of SenatorFX.NET software in a box with an embedded server + time management.